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Student Progress Report

Teachers can view their students’ activity and progress in Lucky Kat World through an interactive online portal. Each teacher receives a dedicated link that displays their classroom at a glance as well as each student’s individual progress. (See sample report below)


Student Progress
Reference Guide

Numeric Bar Chart - Each bar reflects the actual number of activities a student has played or completed in each category. The front row of bars represents the student noted at the top of the chart. The back row of bars reflects the class leader’s activity in each individual category.

Percentage Bar Chart - Each bar reflects the percentage of available activities a student has played or completed in a particular category. If there is no limit to the number of times a student can play the activities in a particular category, the category is noted as “unlimited” and a percentage of completion does not apply.

Overall Website Progress - This number is calculated using the completion percentages in each key category; areas unlocked, unique games played, character badges earned and continents completed. It does not include a student’s engagement in the Katville virtual world.

Areas Unlocked - The site is divided into 17 different areas. This number will help you see if a student is progressing through the site.

Total Games Played - (Unlimited) This number includes every game played on the site, including repeated gameplay. (Excluding Katville)

Unique Games Played - (85 available) This number includes every unique game played on the site. By comparing the two game statistics, you are able to see if a student is moving forward or playing the same games over and over again.

GC Definitions Read - (85 available) This number reflects every time a student clicks on the red GC button to see what good character trait will help them in their gameplay. This number can be unlimited but you want to see this number be at least equal to the number of unique games played.

GC Challenge Successful Attempts - (Unlimited) This bar notates the number of times a student has successfully completed a GC Challenge and has earned another clickable GC apple on their Good Character Tree. A student can earn multiple GC apples for each game.

GC Challenge Failed Attempts - (Unlimited) This bar notates how many times a student has chosen the incorrect answer on a GC Challenge. This will help you track if a student is understanding the character definitions and retaining the character lessons.

GC Badges Earned - (85 available) Students can only earn one GC Badge per game. This will indicate how a student is understanding the character building material while they progress through the site.

Cruise Ship Games Won - (Unlimited) The website increases in difficulty as a student begins their S.S. Courage Cruise Ship Adventure. Students will need to win each cruise ship game in order to unlock each continent adventure. They will need to win each continent game to move forward. (In Katalina Island, students simply need to engage with each game.) This number reflects repeated gameplay.

Cruise Ship Games Lost - (Unlimited) This number will help you determine if a student is struggling with the game play. If they are, it may hinder them from progressing through the cruise ship adventure.

Cruise Ship Trophies Earned - (16 available) Each cruise ship and continent game provides the student a trophy.

Continents Completed - (7 available) This indicates how many continents a student has unlocked and successfully completed the environmental mission associated with it.

Good Citizenship Certificate - (Currently 1 available) Indicates if the student has achieved their Bronze Explorer status by completing all 7 continent adventures on the S.S. Courage.

Total Katville Islands - (Unlimited) Each student’s account includes one Katville Island. Students that engage with the red GC button will also receive an island to build their Good Character Cove. (Pirate themed waterpark) After that, each student will need to buy islands in Katco. By viewing this number, you will be able to see if a student is actively participating in the creative side of LKW and practicing LK4. (Lucky & Lexie Kat’s 4 Steps to Success; Dream It! Believe It! Plan It! Do It!)

Total Katco Items - (1500 available) This bar reflects the number of virtual items a student has earned or purchased in Katco. There are over 1500 items available but a student can purchase an unlimited number of each.