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Interested in making a positive impact on our youth?

Lucky Kats, inc. is looking for like-minded companies to join us in our efforts to encourage good character in our youth. If you share our vision, please contact us to explore how we can build stronger communities together. For more information, email dougm@luckykatworld.com.


As a company, you strive to promote these core values and guiding principles in your business practices and in your employees’ conduct. Did you know these important attributes were largely formed in your team’s character by the time they were in elementary school? Lucky Kat World others you a way to help your community and future employees develop good character and a strong work ethic during those all-important formative years.

Lucky Kat World is filled with 100+ games and creative activities and a cast of 16 animated characters. LKW encourages wholesome fun, positive attitudes, strong self-esteem, good character values, vital critical thinking skills and good citizenship.

The Challenge:

95% of today’s youth play video games and according to the ESRB, 90% of those games (10+) contain some type of violence. Studies show those games directly affect a child’s real-world behavior and character development. These are your future employees.

Our Character Solution:

Pro-social games increase pro-social behavior and anti-social games increase anti-social behavior, making gaming a key way to affect a child’s character development. Lucky Kat World’s mission is to provide families character driven edutainment that makes a difference. Wrapped in a wholesome gaming environment, LKW is filled with engaging activities that stimulate good character and positive behavior. Inspired by the cast of LK Characters, young people experience all the fun of video game play while they learn important life skills.

The Benefits:
  • Fun and Engaging Edutainment
  • Stimulates Performance Character
  • Fosters Personal Character
  • Exercises Critical Thinking Skills
  • Encourages Positive Attitudes
  • Promotes Good Citizenship
  • Helps Prevent Bullying
  • Enhances Self-Esteem
  • Reinforces Classroom Learning
  • Compels Environmental Responsibility

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If you or your company want to join LKi and be part of the solution, LKi offers partnership ooportunities for companies of all sizes.
Please email Doug Marrone for more information. dougm@luckykatworld.com